Betfair Roulette

Betfair is one of the few casinos on the internet that have a roulette table with no zero. It’s certainly the most reputable company that does so. Betfair was a pioneer in the betting world offering peer to peer betting. This allows them to provide sports bets at odds that high street bookmakers can only dream of.

The no zero roulette table is another innovation. Its the zero on the roulette table that gives the casino the house edge. Roulette with out the zero would be a totally fair game. Various roulette systems would work. In the long run, the presence of the zero dooms any roulette system. You can beat a negative expectation game by changing the staking strategy. Some roulette systems will appear to work in the short run but in the long run they will fail.

Betfair no zero roulette does have some serious restrictions though. The stakes are limited to stop systems working. Minimum bets are £1 and maximum bets are £10 on the outside. The overall table limit is just £25. This seriously restricts any doubling up system.

Betfair do have a standard European roulette table with higher stakers. These allow bets up of up a £10000. The problem with this is that their is a zero present so the house edge is back. Still, it is no worse that any other roulette table.

With betfair roulette there is no download. You just play in your browser.

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