Live Croupier Roulette Online

With the explosion of broadband connections it is now possible to have Live Roulette dealers. In the days of the 56K modem the speeds just weren’t there to stream the images. Nowadays most casino rooms offer a live roulette table.

Some people prefer live roulette as they can actually see the wheel spinning. They see this is more fair that a computer generated random number. This assumption is false. Random numbers used in roulette and other online casino games are independently audited. Its in the interest of the casino operator and their software vendor to make sure the random number generator is truly random. If someone did work out how to predict the numbers then the casino would be in big trouble.

With the physical roulette wheel used on the live roulette tables probably do have a slight bias. Maintaining a roulette wheel is hard. You wouldn’t be able to exploit this though as the bias would take too long to work out what the bias was. There is nothing to stop you trying a system like reverse Labouchere Betting System. Just don’t expect to win in the long term.

If you want to play live croupie roulette then William Hill Live Vegas Casino is a great place to play. Their dealers are the sexiest on the internet! Plus get a ВЈ25 bonus for signing up.

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